Why I Don’t Take Insurance

Over the years I have been repeatedly asked why I do not take insurance for my services; I thought it might be helpful to offer an answer for anyone interested in understanding psychotherapy a little better.

The main problems with insurance, as I see them, are as follows: First, if I were on insurance panels I would, in fact, be working for the insurance companies who pays me, not for the client that I might be seeing. Since the insurance company is my employer – they have the right to ask for and get a summary of the treatment every ten or fifteen sessions; they also have the right to say if I am able to see a person once or twice a week.  Consequently they not only control the treatment, notwithstanding my knowledge and years of practice, they can and will upload my summaries into their files. Insurance companies are a business and they work for the bottom line; my goal is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives. All of the practices I have mentioned are,  to me, a serious compromise of confidentiality. Their power to determine how many times I can see someone and for how long violates the very notion and rational of therapy.

As therapy moves on a person, more often than not, stays because they experience a deeper understanding of themselves and a more even relationship with their peers. Everyone recognizes that therapy takes time and personal finances – therapy is not going to a doctor to get a prescription …it is a personal journey of self-exploration that has, as one of its primary benefits, the resolution of those things that interfere with a person’s happiness. In the long run  the promise of a quick fix may be appealing but a commitment to self-understanding is the foundation for long term happiness with one’s life and one’s relationships. An additional benefit of not being subject to insurance companies is that a person is able to select someone who they choose, whose education and professional accomplishments they are free to evaluate and to decide if they wish to work with.

Anyone who has insurance is able to claim out-of-network benefits…which benefits do not entail me feeding  personal information to the insurance companies.




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