What Makes Democracy Work

When I was a young man, I recall President Truman saying that we lived in a Christian nation – a remark that was not greeted with much acceptance. Unfortunately, such a sentiment is not just of historical interest. We are witness, today, as we know, to the growth of fundamentalism, what I would classify as […]

Childhood Illness and Parental Anxiety

One of the most difficult things to handle is one’s child’s illness; particularly illnesses that may have a long duration, for example, serious allergies or juvenile diabetes. No matter what medical assurances parents may receive, they frequently are concerned that, somehow, they may have contributed to, or, could contribute or aggravate their child’s condition. This is particularly evident, for […]

Listening To Van Gogh

Recently the Bank of America sponsored a viewing of Van Gogh’s art at the new wing of The Museum of Modern Art, in New York City. This  commentary, written in response to a a similar exhibit a few years ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has, I believe, relevance for viewing and responding to […]

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