Here you will find some Art Reviews I wrote for The Independent in 1996.

15. October 23, 1996:
“Now Showing” at Millennium Art Gallery
Hunt Slonem and Bert Stern at Vared Gallery
14. October 9, 1996:
“Classicism in the 20th Century”at Lizan-Tops Gallery
Kathryn Szoka at The Frame Shop
13. September 25, 1996:
Sculptors at Ashawagh Hall Collage
Works at Ann Harper Gallery and Marc Miller Gallery
12. September 18, 1996:
Amy Zerner and Stanley Kearl at Arlene Bujese Gallery
Photographs at Fotouhi Cramer Gallery
11. September 11, 1996:
Carlina Valenti, Laura Westlake, and Dominick DiLorenzo at Gallery East
10. September 4, 1996:
“Third Annual Long Island Landscape Exhibit at Lizan-Tops Gallery
“Realism: Shades of Correspondence” at Arlene Bujese Gallery
09. August 28, 1996:
Joan Miró and Antoni Tapies at Elise Goodheart Fine Arts Gallery
Denise Regan at The Morgan Rank Gallery
08. August 21, 1996:
Zigi Benhaim at Ann Harper Gallery
“Original Children’s Book Illustration” at Giraffics Gallery
Leo Revi, Alain Caugnien, Miriam Goodman at Gallery East
07. August 14, 1996:
“Influence by Nature” at The Studio at Curly Willow
James Rizzi at Galerie Select Ltd.
06. August 7, 1996:
“The 29th Annual Artists of the Springs Invitational Exhibition” at Ashawagh Hall
Mary Abbott and Balcomb Green at Arlene Bujese Gallery
Harry Honorowski, Stephanie Brody Lederman and Stuart Miller at The Marc Miller Gallery
05. July 31, 1996:
Kit Rank at The Morgan Rank Gallery
Renee Hiltunnen at The Wainscott Gallery
Larry Johnston, Janet Jennis and Karin Strong at Gallery East
04. July 24, 1996:
Peter Solow at Elise Goodheart Gallery
Michael Paraskevas at Giraffics Gallery
John Hayden at Ashawagh Hall
03. pdf July 17, 1996:
“By the Sea” at The Lizan-Tops Gallery
02. pdf July 3, 1996:
“Perceptions”at the Millennium Gallery
The Fotouhi Cramer Gallery
01. June 26, 1996:
“The Goddesses” by David Porter at Arlene Bujese
“Being There” at Goat Alley

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